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New Show Announcement for Festivall

Yeah, I know. Right? I’m not telling you about a house concert, but one of my actual shows! It’s been quite a while and it makes me even more happy to announce it because of that. I’ve been needing to get back on the stage for a long time. So having said that, I will be joining a very talented group of songwriters June 18th @ Capitol Roasters from 12pm-5pm as part of Charleston’s Festivall celebration.  The Facebook event page is here.

Here’s list of performers and time slots as it stands now:

12-12:20 Sierra Ferrell

12:30-12:50 Tofujitsu

1-1:20 John Radcliff

1:30-1:50 Don Baker

2-2:20 Joseph Hale

2:30-2:50 Todd Burge

3-3:20 John Lilly

3:30-3:50 Andy Park

4-4:20 Holy Cow

4:30-4:50 Uncle Eddie & Robin

I’m very excited for this show, and I will be performing somewhere in southwest Virginia later that night for a friends birthday. Hope to see you all there or there!

Donations: When A Good Heart Goes Bad

I’m a pretty strong advocate for making donations to the Red Cross in times of need. I keep a permanent link to them on the sidebar along with a couple others I believe in. So you’d think that when the disaster hit in Japan I would put up a link reminding everyone. You’d think that…Unfortunately, that’s not how it played out. A friend of mine posted the info to text a $10 donation to the Red Cross on Facebook. (That information is here. Please donate in one way or another. ) She is someone that I absolutely trust. But I didn’t think what could have happened if this info was wrong.

It’s at this point in the story where I cant stress enough that my friend didn’t do anything wrong. There is a trademark pending that she has never and will never be wrong. So let’s not make this about her.

What I should have done is what I am going to do here in a second. Put a link up to the site instead of just copy and pasting what someone else put up. I mentioned to a friend today that I should start thinking more like a hacker. So this is what I came up with. A person could if they wanted to be the biggest douche in the history douchiness, post info to drop money in their own account in a time of crisis. It gets copied and pasted like I did all over Facebook . Unless someone catches it…

Of course we wouldn’t want anyone to get away with something like this because it would make people paranoid to donate in the future. It’s one good thing we can all join together and do, donate. We have a lot here in the US, and we have a means to make a difference around the world through the Red Cross. It’s certainly not the only way we can make a difference, though. But I would feel bad if I unwittingly helped anyone get away with this. So that’s why I wrote this little PSA. Continue with your day, citizens.