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Thank You Radio Free Rudy!

Our friend Rudy Panucci wrote a very nice article on yours truly today in the Charleston Gazette’s Pop Cult Blog. It seems like an awful lot to live up to, but I’ll try. Hehehe! The article is here.

Simply put, “Naked Souls”is an exquisite album, starting with the McCartney-esque “RocknRolla” and ending with the ultra-catchy “It’s Not The End.” Rad’s album is almost like the second coming of XTC’s “Skylarking.” I mean that as very high praise indeed.

While you’re over there, don’t be afraid to look around. Especially if you like local artist! I know of no one that does more to promote a local music scene than Rudy. So go over and say hi, and tell him I sent you!

Now back to practicing so I don’t make him look silly for saying all those nice things about me.

December 14th @ The Boulevard Tavern

Great news! I’ll be playing at the Boulevard Tavern in Charleston on December 14th. I’m really excited to play for all my Charleston friends! It’s always too long in between times I can say this. I’ll be playing from 7-10, doing all the songs from the CD. Plus I got a couple new songs written and hopefully a couple surprises as far as guest appearances and the cover songs I’m working up. So, I hope everyone can make it out. Also, free CD to anyone that does the robot while I play My So Called Life.  Go ahead, if you all do it and there’s a hundred people in the bar, I’m fine with that. I’ll just take pictures during the extended vocal solo. Because that’s a win for me on every level.

In other news, like I said in the previous post I had really grown tired of the old look of the website. That black on black was just too depressing. Even for me. I may add some Unicorns and Rainbows if this still isn’t happy enough to suit my tastes. But I’m thinking we’re probably good.

Lastly, I’ve added even more videos and I updated the player on the music page. You’ll see on the right hand side that there is a direct link to Naked Souls and something called B Sides (old songs and songs that didn’t make the cut for the CD). The pictures will give it away. Something called, Project Active Media is in there as well. Last but not least, a link to our spiritual leader Todd Burge. So, you know, updates.

Updates and Such

I’ve updated most of the tabs up there. Photos, videos, and House Concerts. You may have noticed I also added the Google Translator over there at the top right-hand side of the page. Welcome everyone from around the world.

I’ve always hated my Youtube account name. I tried every way I could to change it and keep the videos up that I had there. But I finally gave up and started over with John Radcliff Music. I’ll upload some of those as soon as I can. I have a lot of good ones from house concerts that need to get up there. There’s a couple of me that I like that’ll go up again. But oooh, there’s a new video in there from the CD release party if you wanna see it.

The pictures are from the CD release party. There’s still so much that needs to happen. I might be ready for a new template. In fact, I know I am.