Archive | October 31, 2011

Naked Souls Update

You can go to the Band Camp page and download now. I have all the lyrics, the front, and back covers associated with the download. This is what we call in the music business, a soft opening. You know, the hands move faster than the brain. CD Baby should be a fact of life here in a few minutes. I’m kind of excited to see how that plays out. We’re keeping our expectations low because, because…

Sometimes it’s just better not to get too excited. The goal has always been to just get it done. I’ve talked about it for years. I’ve done smaller scale projects that I still need to upload to Band Camp. I’m sure that’ll happen sooner or later. See? It’s the attitude. I’m just so relieved to have something to point to. Good or bad, you can draw a line to it from your finger. What comes next? I don’t know. A lot of practice. A lot less time in front of the computer. I’m happy about both of those prospects. All the details can really make you feel old. I don’t want that. Need to feel young and inspired again. We all do. Anyhow, I’m thinking it’s going to be about 10 day before I have the CDs in hand.