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  • Hate Sandwich

    It truly is like going into a restaurant. Your waitress gives you a menu, and you notice that the only sandwich available is the hate sandwich. You look up at your waitress and ask, "do you think you will ever run out of hate sandwiches?" She just gives you a quizzical glance and then laughs as she walks away. Just then, you realize you didn't order the side of fear and spend the next five minutes unsuccessfully flagging your waitress down to update your order.

  • In The Moment

    There’s lots of moments to embrace. As a songwriter, I sometimes focus too much on the ones dealing with music. Like the moment you finish writing a song. It has a certain godlike feeling to it and it is most addicting. Be mindful of those other moments, though. They might just be the ones that […]

  • 2014 Couch By Couchwest Awards

    Big surprise for me to receive an award for anything, really. So I’m overly happy to have won Best Song With A Message category. The song, Company Song, is one I’ve toiled over for a couple years. Which is to say I wrote the first verse a couple years ago. I had all the melodies […]

  • The Heart Of Songwriting

    I’ve had the pleasure to sit in on quite a few songwriting discussions in my day. Not enough that I would consider myself a master on the subject. Really, just enough that I have something up my sleeve when I need it. There was a time, though, that I thought everything had to come 100% […]

  • Welcome Back

    I never left. I’ve wavered quite a bit about the pros and cons of keeping this site going. After all, there’s Tumbler. I’ve used that as my art testing ground more than anything else. Pretty heavy on the “such” and low on the “music”. I considered that being the whole show and letting this page […]

  • More Couch By Couchwest

    Time to hit on some highlights from some other artists that I’ve seen on Couch By Couchwest.  I may not get through all the videos until after it’s over (03/9/14-03/15/14). But these are some things I know I know. I have to start with friend, brother, and fellow guitarist in The Feast of Stephen, Joe […]


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