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  • One Is Too Many

    I feel awful for a lot of reasons. Not like my whole life is mixed bag of suck, bad. But like another really close friend of mine has died too soon. I don’t know that I am totally over Joseph passing. I have, however, found a pretty good place to be in my head. I […]

  • Show Announcement: April 4th – Coffee Bar

    Hooray! I’m really just excited to have The Coffee Bar downtown. It’s a hip place to have a cup…a really good cup…of caffeine goodness. Please do check out the link to their Facebook page. April 4th from 7-8. Obviously, I’m also happy to be playing out again. That I’m doing it in a place I […]

  • My Couch By Couchwest Submission – Ego Wins

    Here’s my submission for Couch By Couchwest, Ego Wins. The link will take you to the website, which I highly suggest you do! Couch By Couchwest is an online music festival run completely by submissions by independent artist like myself. It’s a great idea for a lot of reasons. One, that it coincides with SXSW […]

  • Couch By Couchwest 2015

    I’m happy to say that it’s that time of year again. Much of my recent writing has been focused on Joseph, and I’m sorry about that. He was and is such a big part of my life. I just didn’t feel like it would be cool to go on as if nothing had happened. As […]

  • A Last Letter To Joseph

    A real letter is more of a conversation than a recollection of events. This is what I’ve done to date concerning Joseph. Most likely because it’s much less painful to recount the man rather than what I would say to him if I could today. I’ve been much more comfortable thinking about the good things […]

  • Letters To Joseph: Making Sense of the Chaos

    Some people excel in chaos. Others like a more orderly existence. They each bring something to the table that the other needs or desires. They fill in gaps that the other needs. And when they work well together, it can be magic. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m talking about me and Joseph. […]